Niagara Region Tourism Opportunities The U.S. and Ontario Markets July 2008 for #NIFF and Arts, Music, Film Festivals

the idea girl says

i’m back to doing research for the tourism fort erie – lake erie area – crystal beach, ridgeway, stevensville and sherkston resort area for future festivals and events.

The target market is USA Tourists.

looking at the data to see what do we need to attract their attention. 😉

quote from blog

The total US sample of the study in May 2005 was 3,902 of which 2,889, or 74%,
are defined in this report as “travellers” because they have taken at least one
overnight trip over the past 2 years, or intend to take an overnight trip over the
next 12 months or both. On a weighted basis, 55.8 million Americans aged 18
years and over fall into the “traveller” category of this report.

Although this reports talks about “American travellers”, the study covers only the
following US states:
• New York State
• Pennsylvania
• Ohio
• Indiana
• Michigan
• Illinois
• Wisconsin
• Minnesota
• Massachusetts
• Washington DC/ Maryland

Of those who rated Ontario 7 or higher on “arts, culture and history”, 59%,
or 16.9 million, had been to Ontario at some point in the past

And of those who rated Ontario 7 or higher on “arts, culture and history”
and had visited Ontario in the past (16.9 million), 45%, or approximately
7.7 million, had been to Ontario for “a trip that was primarily to experience
arts, culture and history”

the idea girl says
this data is from a survey done in 2006 but published as a report in july 2008.

so we can see that 16.9 million used to come and visit here at that time.

I know back in 1950’s it was much higher for the fort erie area
the ferry boats, dance halls and live entertainment and theme parks along the beaches was the BIG attraction at that time.
For some reason it all changed in 1950….

We are planning to work on getting a year round venue here for #NIFF Niagara Film Fest and other “filmy” festivals and events going here to develop the Tourism Industry and generate jobs in that market, which will expand into retail, hotel, cleaning services, restaurants, conferences and spill over into car rentals, bicycle rentals (this is something we NEED right away, as well as bus public transportation that will attract cycling enthusiasts from Canada, USa and global international travelers to come and enjoy here.)