USA Tourism Survey 17% Return to Cultural Arts Events Each Year According to 2006 Study en research studies Cultural report.pdf en research studies Cultural report.pdf en research studies Cultural report.pdf

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so we have 18% saying they will return and 28% like to travel back to Ontario from the USA States.

Many were in the arts, cultural areas of the Tourism Industry so these are what we have to concentrate on along all the “border” towns with Canada, USA bridges.

A year round venue #NIFF Niagara Film Fest would benefit then from this statistic here in Fort Erie, Ridgeway, Crystal Beach, Stevensville and Sherkston areas.


Including the lake erie and lake ontario niagara region ontario canada towns, cities to expand #NIFF from 60,000 seats to 200,000 than 700,000 and eventually 5 million seats for each years set of events with the goal of expanding the “international” film industry, distribution and I think we will focus on building a family style film festival, that #NIFF can be the hosts of, just as #TIFF is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.



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On the other hand, 17% of the Americans who had visited one of Ontario’s
major cultural attractions in the past, and 18% of those who intended to travel
anywhere in the world, intended to travel to Ontario.

Among those who had visited one or more of Ontario’s major cultural
attractions, those who had visited in the past the Royal Ontario Museum or
the Museum of Civilization had the highest incidence of intended travel to
Ontario (28% and 26% respectively)


Survey’s USA states.

The total US sample of the study in May 2005 was 3,902 of which 2,889, or 74%,
are defined in this report as “travellers” because they have taken at least one
overnight trip over the past 2 years, or intend to take an overnight trip over the
next 12 months or both. On a weighted basis, 55.8 million Americans aged 18
years and over fall into the “traveller” category of this report.

Although this reports talks about “American travellers”, the study covers only the
following US states:
• New York State
• Pennsylvania
• Ohio
• Indiana
• Michigan
• Illinois
• Wisconsin
• Minnesota
• Massachusetts
• Washington DC/ Maryland