USA Tourism Survey 50% are interested in visiting Niagara Falls Ontario Canada for the FIRST time. en research studies profile_americans_interested_in_visiting_niagara_falls.pdf en research studies profile_americans_interested_in_visiting_niagara_falls.pdf en research studies profile_americans_interested_in_visiting_niagara_falls.pdf

the idea girl says


so we have 56% of American’s that have no interest to visit Canada, why?

this is something we must ask ourselves or do the research on and see what the problem is.

43% says that they are interested in visiting canada within 2 years from this 2005 survey that was published july 2008.

1. To See the Falls/walk around the Falls 76%


the idea girl says


they like to walk and LOOk at things so they need visual stimulation.

Flowers, artistic types of gardens and walkways is what you need.

2. Safe/friendly/small/clean/lots of things to do 12%


Safe – police or security around to make you feel that you are in a protected environment (put them on horses, this always DELIGHTS people)


Friendly – have GREETERS!!!


Walmart won Canadians over and they are the top selling store in retail – we should do this same concept in our ” Tourism” areas – several information booths, clean, tidy well maintained washrooms and rest areas – cool down centres, water, juice, pop vending machines or little cafe’s like they have in Paris, France.


12% want lots of things to do, not just 4 activities.

Our tour packages need to be changed in the niagara falls to include MORE things over 3 days time, for a set fee.

Have a pick and choose your own package deal!

They choose it with pictures on a computer terminal, it picks all the things, generates it, gives them a price quote and then they purchase the tickets.

All ticket vendors need to be on interact, credit cards and perhaps we offer gift cards with bonus savings at local restaurants and tourist attractions by buying that GIFT card there.

This would be good for american’s so they don’t have to figure out the pricing differences.

With a gift card for ALL attractions in Niagara Falls, and including hotels, and restaurants, they pay ONE price, one deduction out of the bank account or credit card and they use it at all the locations.

Create VIP packages for tourists to include, hotel, restaurant choices, entertainment, theme parks, etc.


They would all have to sign up to one database system (using phone apps it could be done).

and combine all the “ticket” prices into one set fee or package deal.
3. Beautiful/nice city/I like it/fun city/interesting city 12%


the idea girl says


again pleasing to the eye not only for adults, but for teens and kids too!

They want to come and have fun, forget their troubles – add comedy acts, buskers, clowns, and people that know how to make other’s jolly!


interesting – add something unique and different for eACH season – spring, summer, fall and winter.

4. To visit an attraction(s) 9%

the idea girl says


they come to see certain attractions – again the VIP package deal will combine hotel, food, transportation and fun all rolled into one fee.
5. Curiosity/heard a lot about it 8%


the idea girl says

now isn’t THIS interesting?

only 8% HEAR about what we have to offer?

That tells us something BIG

They don’t see the commercials, or read the adds in the papers.

We need to expand our advertising on the internet, using youtube, and phone apps, games, etc.

Develop games that promote coming to canada and doing things here.  They play the game then want to experience it in real life.

6. To visit the casino/gamble 8%

the idea girl says

only 8% of americans like to gamble.

Mostly we see people from overseas like china, Europeans etc coming to gamble because they don’t HAVE these kind of things where they live OR they do and they are addicted to it so they MUST play because of it. 😉
7. To sightsee 8%

the idea girl says


Gambling is equal to sightseeing.

I would make this a priority – make it more visually appealing, add things that NO other country or tourist area has, so that they will flock to see it.
8. To take the kids/family there/lots of things for kids to do 5%


the idea girl says

*lots of things for kids to do* is where you need to expand, there’s clifton hill and a few things for kids, but we need more stuff, more playgrounds, splash pads, add an outdoor beach area in niagara falls (something you do not have there.)
9. See it again/see the changes 5%


the idea girl says

*see the changes*

5% want to see changes.  But if there was a constant change this number would definitely go higher.
10. For the nightlife/entertainment/shopping 5%


the idea girl says

*nightlife, entertainment and shopping at 5%*

So the adults need entertaining to change as well as finding things for the kids to do.

Create more “family” oriented themes in the games, and activities there.

the rest i’m not going to look at.

It says USA  only 3% go there for culture, arts, architecture and history (something they have LOTS of on their neck of the woods which is why they are not that interested in ours – so make ours a little different and then they might show a bit of interest there.)

11. For the restaurants/hotels 4%
12. For the culture/art/architecture/history 3%
13. Generic reasons not specific to Niagara Falls, e.g., “for a vacation” 2%
14. Because it is not far/can drive by car there 2%
15. For romance/honeymoon 2%
16. To see a play/theatre 2%
17. To visit on the way to some other place 1%
18. To visit friends or relatives 1%
19. For camping/the parks/golfing 1%


the idea girl says

interesting no business, conference or sporting events in this area, maybe they need to add some to create a bigger tourism attraction for those areas.
20. For business/conference 0%
21. To see a sporting event 0%


Interest in the City of Niagara Falls was higher among Americans who had never been
to Ontario before (50% were interested) than among those who had (42%).