USA Tourism Survey – Give Them the Red Carpet Experience and They Will Come Back for More!

the idea girl says

They like to be pampered and organized.

The VIp tourism package ideas that I’ve suggested would APPEal to more american tourists where we include food, hotels, and entertainment ideas all rolled into one set fee.

they like discounts and last minute deals, implement that into your bookings for hotels, get a cancellation?

give a discount to the next booking!

they look online for discounts, so set up a phone app for them to use for this.

Build websites where they can pre purchase the VIP travel package plans BEFORE they get here.
with the option to use them within a 2 year plan but pricing is locked in for at least 12 months to 1 year.

quote from blog:

I like to have all arrangements taken care of before I leave 72%
I am likely to make last-minute bookings 22%
In general, I look for discounts on travel 77%
I prefer to seek the advice of a travel agent rather than
research options on my own 16%
I use the Internet to plan my pleasure trip 63%
I use the Internet to book my pleasure trips 57%