USA Tourism Survey Household Income of Visitors to Ontario and Canada – low to middle class come here

the idea girl says
our highest percentages are 21% that are low income
23 to 26% is 20,000 to 59,999 (two income families – marriage, common law or well paid jobs for singles)

higher income person’s range from 11% to 1%

so we can safely say that higher income person’s are NOT attracted to visiting Niagara Falls Ontario and Canada from the USA states in this data from 2005, published in july 2008.

Maybe we can change that by finding things for them to do and developing a new marketing strategy with new kinds of things that will attract them – in Fort Erie we have boating, marina’s, and fishing, this might attract the higher end crowd (they want to relax), add different types of spas, exotic cuisine choices for them (things they don’t get at home) and a VIP red carpet experience where they can pay to have a relaxing resort that’s beautifully appealing visually.

Down in the caribbean is the lovely warm weather, but it’s mostly the decor and the surroundings that draws them there – it’s so pretty to look at, this should be the same type of styling here in order to compete and draw them to Visit in Canada.

**visual stimulation was always the TOP percentages for tours to niagara falls, return trips to niagara falls and other parts of ontario and canada in each of the stats I’ve looked at so far from 2005 survey details. **

The majority of USA tourists are low income and middle class so it’s important that our HOTEL rates are low enough and affordable for families to enjoy their stay. We need to develop tourism packages for different wage categories- offer them with the different tourism agencies, and they can confirm the wages by showing their income tax forms.

Ask the government to offer a travel incentive – we foot the rest of the bill to bring them here, or we find ways to lower the cost of travel – airplane, car rentals, gas etc…

quote from blog

Household Income
– Less than $20,000
– $20,000 – $39,999
– $40,000 – $59,999
– $60,000 – $79,999
– $80,000 – $99,999
– $100,000 – $149,999
– $150,000 and over