USA Tourism Survey Last Trip Return Percentages to Ontario and Why. – Ideas and Solutions to Boost Business

the idea girl says

data from 2005, published report july 2008

50% seems to be the higher percentage for a 5 year visit.

3 to 4 years and 1 to 2 years is the same at 16 and 17%

return trip within 12 months is equal to 1 to 4 years at 17%

50 +17 = 67% think of coming to ontario but only 17% return within one year.

quote from blog

% who have visited Ontario in the past 45%
Last Trip to Ontario:
– 5 or more years ago
– 3 to 4 years ago
– 1 to 2 years ago
– past 12 months


the idea girl says

40% like to see nature and the falls
35% is close to it with scenery

**again they like visual stimulation so floral gardens and outdoor scenic things we need to concentrate on – creating a photo space for families something fun, but exotic looking – waterfalls, palm trees anything cool – outdoor beach look? is this possible? **

scenery + nature, outdoors and wildlife is a big thing at 35%

Niagara Falls needs more Zoo areas with exotic creatures and wild life to enjoy, pet or feed.

only 8% consider niagara falls an interesting city, with 7% on the restaurants/food

now I have to say there’s much room for improvement with the customer service being provided by the restaurants.

I’ll bet Boston Pizza does the best in sales because of this factor.

You are treated like royalty by the staff there, and it’s something ALL restaurants and food places should train their employees to do…

Friendly city at 7%
* again the idea of adding tourism greeters (with name tags and uniforms) that can speak various languages 3 to 7 would be a great incentive for people to come and visit. Should they require directions to the washrooms, types of restaurants and attractions, I think this would IMPACT the number of out of town guests that come to the area. IF they know someone’s there to help them and give them the red carpet experience, they will WANT to come and check out ALL the things that you have, without the fear of getting lost or having a lousy time because they don’t understand the maps or languages here.

that’s another thing. All of our maps are in English? This does NOT help our international guests. We need tourist info stands (add gifts and things to sell along with different countries cuisine samples from all the restaurants in the Niagara Region here and all along the borders in Ontario Canada and other Provinces. Each tourist stand will accomodate 3 to 5 languages – we supply help and attractions geared to their people, they will come back because we gave them… “The RED Carpet Experience.”

6% likes to check out our culture, so why not up that a bit, run a cultural film about canadian customs for 1 to 2 mins then schools and educational college, university tours might be booked here from other countries. Make an option for film distribution rights in their own languages that they can purchase and use for their future educational programs with students about ontario, Canada and other provinces here – focus on the big festivals, events in each province.

you advertise in niagara falls and each province can pay to advertise things to do – this will stimulate growth in the tourism industry all over canada, and we can have international countries do it as well – patent the idea somehow and we advertise things to do in the usa, europe and asia for people that live in canada that like to travel.

it’s like we advertise them, with the agreement they will do the same for us. we both win. people love to book exotic style vacations to get away from where they live for a bit.

only 5% are interested in the Casino, so adding extra activities there that are family oriented might help.

Casino for parents and seniors, activities for teens and kids close by.

More babysitting services where it’s in a structured, fun , craft, lunch, style atmosphere with playtime and amusements – science experiments, magic shows for kids, musical entertainment and films – keep the short films around 10 to 15 mins for less attentive children.

have them test out new toy concepts – they enroll their kids in a mini program and pay to leave them there to experiment with new electronic or mattel products, and they fill out an electronic ballet with our help.

we can increase manufacturing jobs, and do promotions and marketing concepts based on their input for future products and sell this information to companies.

only 5% find it a relaxing city, so advertise a city that’s More geared to relaxation to up this number. (Fort Erie is very laid back, so we can build hotels and resorts to RELAX and enjoy the “spa” experience, and provide programs for children, babies, teens and young adults (they can have their own spa for nails, massage, have a teaching class or PJ party time with films, free teddy bears, crafts, hair, makeup lessons, nails, that sort of thing. – give the parents some ME time while they are here.

quote from blog

Specific Reasons for being interested in NF over
next 2 years (top 10)
To see the Falls/nature’s wonder (40%)
Scenery (35%)
Nature/outdoors/wildlife (35%)
Interesting city/has points of interest (8%)
Restaurants/food (7%)
Friendly city (7%)
People watch/check out the people (6%)
A clean city (6%)
The casino (5%)
A relaxing city (5%)