USA Tourism Survey – Marital Status – Events, Festivals, Activities and Attractions Geared Towards Married, Singles, Divorced and Widows,

the idea girl says

data from 2005, report published july 2008

So we have 51% that are married so we need more activities geared to Couples.

We have 36% that are single so half of our activities should be geared to single persons, or people going on a date.

We need to provide the ultimate date night packages – with the choices of a room together or two separate rooms side by side, with restaurants for breakfast, lunch, dinner coupons or vouchers and attractions that would be specific to the following activities:

hiking tour
cycling tours
daredevil tours – (not afraid of height package deals with attractions geared to this)

Afraid of heights package deal for people that like to keep their feet on the ground.

Music, Film, Amusements, Entertainment, Crafts, Culture, Cuisine

I meet many people that don’t have a clue how to cook Canadian Cuisine dishes that they have in our restaurants – why not offer a mini course to teach them how to make it and other international dishes. This course would be for 3 hours and it would have 3 classes – children, teens and adults/seniors. You can even supply a tourism guide that speaks in their languages.

I noticed that the taffy candy shop gets hundreds of spectators, it’s fascinating to watch how candy is made, so let’s open a candy making factory here and have tours, not only will this appeal to our local educations tours for our schools, but all Canadian, American and International School might find this of interest to them.

So we have 13% that are separated, divorced and widowed, there’s room for improvement there.
a Campaign to heal the wounds, give them hope, meet someone new, dating or not, teach them to keep busy and classes to show them how to start life over, and mix it with hotel, food and things to do that are geared to singles who can possibly meet other singles going through the SAME situation as them. They can sympathize with each other, find out the names and create a database of world “support” groups and educate them on getting help with us, and then send them home with a reference for others to assist or help them in their transitioning lifestyle.

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Marital Status
– Married/live with someone
– Single
– Separated/divorced/widowed