Meeting Football Star (Toronto, Edmonton) Player #65 Sandy Annunziata with Gio (Giovanni Giampa) HIAFE BBQ Niagara Blvd Fort Erie 7 June 2014

linda-randall-and-hubby harold chisholm -on-the-beach-pleasant-beach-rd-port-colborne-ont-5-aug-2013-clyde

linda-randall-and-hubby harold chisholm -on-the-beach-pleasant-beach-rd-port-colborne-ont-5-aug-2013-clyde


the idea girl says


it’s not everyday I meet a Football star in Fort Erie Ontario Canada (close to Peace Bridge Buffalo New York USA – free parking) … In fact I can honestly say I never have.  I didn’t even know who he was! lol


I apologized to him because I don’t watch Football (except when we have our Super Bowl Party – then I do!)


Sandy Annunziata Player #65 for (Toronto and Edmonton – I think he said in the 60’s?) was at the HIAFE Head Injury Association Fort Erie BBQ Awareness Event.


I snapped a pic of me and Donna Summerhill, photos of our face painting team, the lemonade kid’s gang and guessed there were 19 stones in the plate.


Then we went inside and took the mirror maze challenge – I did it and won free french fries to Mc Donalds.


Harry took a pic of me holding a FREE Bike Helmet compliments of Canadian Tire.


Then we browsed the lovely furniture and gently used high end clothing.

I loved this white table for $50 but Harry insists it will not match our new living room decor (he’s right – sigh!)

So we are enjoying our holiday and still attending the local events.


Pictures will be posted at a later date (give me a month) and I’ll link those posts to this blog posts.


Kids can get a FREE Bike Helmet tomorrow 8 am till 1 pm at the HIAFE BBQ on Niagara Blvd/ Phipps St


it’s 2 blocks North from jarvis st.


we had a lovely time today!

here is a map and snowy pic of where we went today HIAFE