Director Bobby Roth Industry Day #NIFF 2014 Notes 21 June 2014 – Scripts Fringe, James Cameron, Michael Bay Transformers

here’s more notes from the meeting

script supervisor – “Hi Bobby” and bobby says to himself “keep your big mouth shut!”

bobby says he only gets into trouble with people who can fire him – suits in the office 🙂

bobby says

“you have to know yourself to do this job – Find the best parts of YOU – Be respectful – Like it onto parenting – I’ve never yelled at him. My son Michael.”

You gotta get enough sleep, eat properly and don’t smoke if you want to be a director that is easy going (i added the easy going part)

Fringe – He was tired and not friendly on the phone. They want to say whatever they want to. Talent isn’t #1!

James Cameron, Michael Bay are mentioned.

In TV no matter how great you are, they won’t put up with your attitudes. Being liked is very important!