Interviewing Tony Watts with Director Mike Enns Introducing Them Film Restrung Review

the idea girl says

director Mike Enns isn’t used to being introduced to another person by a perfect stranger, but that’s exactly what I did.

I wanted to see what Tony Watt’s impression was of the film, which I had heard such fabulous reviews from several attendees, staff and others at the cocktail party up in the royal lounge at white oaks resort and spa on sunday 22 june 2014 around 4 to 5 pm edt for the #NIFF 2014 Niagara Film Fest.

Mike didn’t know what I was up too, I did. I wanted to read their body language for my own writing experience. It was cute, both were mirroring each other’s actions, which is good for Mike, he’s learned to communicate not only in social graces, but in neurological signals to another person’s brain. Which is very important for a film director, writer and producer to learn to do. Kudo’s to mike for learning this trait, it will help him on his road to success in the film industry.

As for the introductions with Tony Watts, the man is a walking book of knowledge and I loved soaking up every word he says. he loves to share “personal stories” about things in the film industry, and he’s got so much to offer any new person in the industry, it’s too bad he hasn’t written a book or created a documentary on his life experiences it would be very interesting to see and very educational! *idea!!!!*

I was hoping to introduce Mike to Tony so he could get an idea of entering his film “restrung” in the Cannes and sundance film festivals. Something I mentioned to mike and he kind of didn’t think it was going to go there. I am hoping that he’ll be invited to those festivals so those international viewers can enjoy his masterpiece of work. Any story that shows the struggles of a human, overcoming obstacles and then winning the battle, will always be an inspiration to “millions” of people, which I believe Mike’s film will be in the future. (#Prediction)

As for film distributors, anyone in the industry will be inspired by his story in “restrung” and should send copies to any and all dvd rental outlets in toronto, montreal, windsor, ottawa, vancouver BC, and other countries to touch the lives of others in the same boat.

We had a lovely time, Tony met Joyce, Mike’s girlfriend and he was having a lively conversation with her too. I sat and listened to the three of them, and it was a joy to listen to the experiences being talked about in an industry I know very little about…