Weekend Backpack Program Can Provide Food for Kids But Not Yet in Fort Erie Ontario Canada

backpacks_with_food_ program helping kids eat healthy in fort erie ontario canada needs donations

backpacks_with_food_ program helping kids eat healthy in fort erie ontario canada needs donations

backpacks_with_food_ program helping kids eat healthy in fort erie ontario canada needs donations

the idea girl says

fighting against poverty the FSNFE Food Security Network Fort Erie Ontario Canada meeting on 14 Jan 2014 was chatting about a new program that Sandy heard about in Hamilton Ontario Canada.

It’s called the “Weekend Backpack Program” where Schools send students home with healthy meals for the weekend to families who cannot afford good nutritional foods because of monetary hardships, low income or single parent situations where it’s a struggle to just pay your rent, buy clothes and school supplies for your family.

This program can benefit our community but we need the money to run the program, the backpacks, the food to be donated on a weekly or monthly basis and volunteers to help pack the parcels up and ship them to the four local schools here in fort erie.

How many retired person’s do we have here in Fort Erie that are BORED to death with their lives? There’s only so many social activities one can do without feeling like life has nothing “new” to offer.

I am offering you an experience that you can donate your time and energy too that will put smiles on all those kiddies faces, and bring a thankful sigh to a parent who struggles silently, and out of embarrassment some do not ask for help, they just suffer.  They don’t need too anymore! We are here to help make your lives better.

Healthy children cut down on hospital and medical centre costs. It creates strong, capable kids who can do better at their school studies, eventually dream of going to college, get that degree and then contribute to their community and show their THANKS to those that took care of them while they were young…

Let’s give fort erie kids good memories. No one should have to suffer in a country that other’s deem “like heaven” or “Canaan Land” because we have so much.

When the refugees come here they think they have arrived in heaven because they know what it’s like to starve to death. We do too here in Canada and yet we have the tools to change all that if we try…

I’m sure you love to make other people smile. It makes you feel good inside, right? 🙂

Anne from the Salvation Army is willing to hear your ideas and if you’d like to volunteer to run this program and help where it’s needed then give her a call.  Bring an army of volunteers with you and you will definitely put a BIG smile on Anne’s face and mine. 🙂

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I keep messaging Premier Kathleen Wynne to give corporations, retail and business stores a tax credit to help with program’s like these. Drop her a note on Facebook and tell her if you would LOVE to have a tax break for your company when you help to donate to local causes in YOUR community no matter where you are in Canada!