Snow storm 5 feet falls on fort erie buries up to car bumpers


five feet of snow falls in total and buries the cars up to their bumpers crazy!!!!


the idea girl says

snapshots around fort erie ontario canada after a major snow storm hit 2 feb 2015 🙂

the snow came up to the bumpers of everyone’s cars!

so far this week I think we’ve had over 5 feet of snow fall steadily.

It comes 3 feet then 1/2 a foot increments 3 days in a row.

needless to say many of us are getting a good muscle workout with the shovels.

this was a combination of a clipper from out west and parts of a noreaster from the atlantic east coast.




three feet of snow making a path to the door is a chore!



snow plow puts 3feet of snow back into driveway after it’s shovelled out! how annoying!!!!




snow falls on the bushes and fills garden up to three feet high