ROCK Reaching Out with Care and Kindness Every Sat 12 – 3 pm – Central Community Church 203 Church St – St Catharines ON Canada

the idea girl says

We visited the Central Community church for their saturday luncheon and had turkey, potatoes, and veggies.

I snapped a few photos which I will be blogging soon.

I’ve sent an email to the FSNFE to see if we can assist this group by connecting them with local farmers for donations – fruits, vegetables and meats (and get the farmer’s in the local region of St Catharines, Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Grimsby, Beamsville to get a 25% tax credit by providing foods to this weekly all-year-round community kitchen luncheon.

It’s strictly run by volunteers, with no government grants, and the foods donated so far are from the gals and guys who serve the food each week.  I’ve advised them we can get them help by letting the farmers know in the area that donations are needed from 60 to 150 people served.  *usually MORE meals are needed in the last two weeks of the month – but the numbers change as soon as the OUT OF THE COLD PROGRAM which ended March 31, 2015.


I’m working on a project on my own and sent some suggestions that we need to set up a “community group” of gals and guys that can organize how to get more food, donations to the local food banks, and community kitchen luncheons and suppers to combat “poverty in Niagara, Ontario, Canada.”


If we cannot get people to donate money, we can surely get them to donate foods.  Many of us waste foods that we don’t need or use.  So if we set up groups of two to four people who can be on a list, when someone doesn’t need canned vegetables, fresh foods, they can donate them to the one’s on the list.   It’s a concept we’ve been doing in Fort Erie and it’s working!

Not only do we have food on monday, thursday and saturdays (until summer time – working to change that) we are networking people so we can get out more meals during the week.  When Churches have a potluck dinner we should invite the local community to participate.  They can bring something small, and still have a big MEAL.  Many times people will get canned foods they dont really like to eat, so swap it with someone else!  That’s the best thing to do, or redonate it back if you don’t want it.

ROCK needs help with food and money donations to run their program, they are willing to expand it and do more should the funding come in.  I will also be looking into the government grant programs there are and exploring that field and blogging how it’s done so those of you with the “volunteer power” but no monies can explore those avenues and start opening up more community kitchen luncheons during the week for breakfast, lunch or suppers.

another project that’s not only for Fort Erie, but the rest of the Niagara Region.


If you can help with donations or give advice to Brandi (from the ROCK) call 905 397 5489

or email her at brandi-tate444   AT yahoo dot com

I interviewed Brandi and she told me that alister Bacley from “the well” here in Fort Erie is also providing assistance to them too.  I haven’t contacted alister yet to see what part of the community project he will be expanding for them.  I advised them that Cosco provides BREADS to Fort Erie kitchen lunches.

Thanks to Central Community church the space for the meals is provided as a donation. 🙂

to the registered farmers, here is the information on HOW to get a TAX Credit for your donations…


An eligible person that donates agricultural products to eligible community food programs in Ontario, including food banks, may be able to claim a tax credit, in addition to the charitable donation tax credit.

The Local Food Act, 2013 introduced a new non-refundable income tax credit for farmers who donate agricultural products to eligible community food programs in Ontario, including food banks. The credit is worth 25 per cent of the fair market value of the agricultural products donated and can be claimed for donations made on or after January 1, 2014.