I have uploaded tons of photos and filled up my blog space will blog photos and stories of our adventures soon.

the idea girl says

wed 27 may 2015 .

I`ve just cleaned out my fifty thousand to do notes out of my purse and brief case.

I`ve managed to blog all the little notes, and then sorted through another 100 or so notes.

I`ve uploaded loads of photos, which I will blog weekly with a story of our adventures on our pet friendly search for hotels, restaurants and cafe`s in the months of March – May 2015.

Now that June is coming up, we take a BREAK from video blogging (I can`t take the heat) and we will probably get back to it in September when I hopefully plan to continue our journies. (plus I need to save up some moola and pay off these last few trips :))

so in the meantime I will blog at least once to two times a week on here and update the other few blogs that I have as well as the spirit or energy moves me. Β The heat really zaps me and makes me exhausted!

so Ì need a bit of rest and relaxation now with harry and daisy and friends. πŸ™‚

I`ll be back soon sometime before June 1, 2015 to start blogging the rest of the photos of our pet friendly journey to the comfort inn in st thomas ontario, pinafore (leash on walking, hiking, cycling, playground, splashpad park) and some of the other cool things we did on our FIRST!!!!!! vacation.

YEAH I`m like 48, going to be 49 in June 2015 and it`s my FIRST VACATION!!!! lol *it was on my to do bucket list before age 50 – so I finally achieved the goal!! and YES we also made it to windsor to see the WORLDS largest fountain on the Detroit River, which idea girl canada refuses to upload (it`s full) so I`ll probably put it on the other blogs and add a link here… or I`ll video my pics and upload that youtube then post THAT link here… where there`s a will there`s a way ahhahahahahaah)

Donation App Symetric Meeting 21 May 2015 Conclusion – No Market Research on the effects of apps for Donations

the idea girl says

so my meeting concluded, I found out how much it can cost to get a “donation app” created and made, possible quotes and prices were blogged on another date (I forget when… lol)

So there is NO market research that I know of about this… I have to look into it further…

Will an app increase donations?

by how much?

I think I can contact the Farmers Almanac

in regards to my “farmer’s app idea”

donate to Farmer’s Almanac, or subscribe to their reports and they throw in my “farmers app idea.” πŸ™‚

Whenever a farmer donates food to a local food bank or community kitchen he can claim a 25 %

tax credit, so I wanted to see if a donation app for farmers could be built to my certain specifications.

It was a bit mind boggling since I have no idea how an app works, but thanks to my meeting with Brandon, He explained it in great detail so now I have some concepts about how it works, what it costs, and how I can market the Γ¬dea now to different charities in Fort Erie, that this might be the answer to their `low donation amounts`dilemma…

We will have to see, it`s summer time, so everything`s on hold till the fall. πŸ™‚

I will try NOT to forget to follow up on this marvelous idea! πŸ™‚ I`ll let you know if anything changes.

Symetric Meeting – Creative Advertising Program Marketing Niagara College NOTL Discussion

the idea girl says

blog #8 (final one for Symetric!) meeting 21 may 2015, blogged 27 may 2015 along with 7 other blog posts check calendar to see ALL of them πŸ™‚

This Niagara College course at NOTL Niagara on the Lake – Creative Advertising Program Marketing

this is how it works.. dont quote me, I jotted stuff down but not in full sentences. lol

Provide a client for free

students create the marketing plan

during a term (3 to 4 months)

after 2 – 3 months there is a presentation

I was advised to contact Malcolm Howe (Brandon was going to email an intro to me from Malcolm Howe)

Niagara College, NOTL, email marketing program coordinator.