Central Community – The ROCK Saturday Luncheons 12 – 3 pm needs Food, Donations, Trucks Pick Up and Delivery

the idea girl says

sat may 16 2015

I went to see Brandi and she was away for a week, so I asked the girls there if anyone’s contacted them about getting donations after I blogged what I was going to do for them.

They did get some cupcakes donated, and the offer for more, (thank you for helping them!)

the volunteers only have small cars, so they REALLY need a truck or delivery driver that can volunteer (you pay for gas until we can offer money from funding) thanks.

You would pick up produce, meat, or bread donations.  I would suggest that the ROCK have a volunteer assist you in your pick up and deliveries, it would be either on a Friday or Saturday (before 12 pm)

with a phone call ahead of time, so that the ROCK volunteers know how much food you can donate, what it is and the amount of persons they can feed.

This week there were 90 people, and they had Bologna sandwiches and water, coffee to serve. I would love to see them offering veggies and dip, fruit and snack handouts (based on YOUR donations) so please help them out! thanks!

I’ve sent emails to people in Fort Erie asking if there’s anyone I can ask to help me with this project.  Rhonda said she’d put it on the Food Security Network Fort Erie agenda, haven’t heard anything since…

I did talk to LINDA the head server at St Pauls Saturday Luncheon last week, she advised me to contact FESS (their students volunteer to cook and serve – most are on a academic school program for it), and she advised me to contact the Town of Fort Erie in regards to funding for the community kitchen programs.

I was thinking of starting my OWN committee.  funny thing I met Teresa and she was telling me about her new crystal beach committee that meets in crystal ridge on Tuesday evenings on certain dates.

they want to redevelop the bay beach condo area in crystal beach.

She told me the town of fort erie wants 3 people per committee and it costs $160 to register it!!!!!

YIKES!!!! didn’t know that! thanks Teresa for informing me… 🙂

I asked Linda about the extra bread leftovers from St Michael’s lunches and others and she advised me they are donated to COPE in fort erie….