Symetric Meeting 21 May 2015 Notes Linda Randall, Brandon (Marketing) Donation App Story Board Ideas

the idea girl says

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Software Programs Part II

Donation Dollar Amounts 2,5,10,25,50,100,1000

(yes or no?)

two choices

donator inputs numbers for amount, or an icon graph with the amounts on them

they write software programs for *** mobile devices only***

Cell phones, Tablets.

IOS Devices  (set price)

Android, Black Berry (extra pricing)

Can we offer a share option?


Can we send requests to a friend with a link to the donate button – via Email, Facebook, Twitter etc.

(no app application you would do this on your own)

Add a donate button option to crowd sourcing fundraising sites.

Brandon suggests they can build a website with a direct donation deposit into a bank account (I think they have a pay pal option as well).

You would contact your bank to see what type of account you would need for this option.

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