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the idea girl says

sorry cannot upload these photos either, will blog them and add a link in future.

Harry and I went for a drive and found the guy from kijiji who sells sports shirts for various teams (whatever he finds, he sells, some used, some collectors items, and vintage players are his expertise.

He gave us a demonstration on how to tell if an article of clothing is from the NHL, the silver tag changes it’s letters to LNH (french) on the silver graphics.

he has on sat, sun, when he’s doing his yard sale – various choices.  He’s not selling hockey jerseys at the moment (we were asking about Montreal Canadien Jersey’s. its BASEBALL season!

you can find him on kijiji

you can find him on EBAY CA

the yard sales are at 420 Daytona Dr (when he decides to have one lol)

user name on Ebay – beinerbeiner

he tells you the name of the player

he has SUBAN jersey’s for children – montreal canadiens

he showed us that a TRUE REEBOK shirt will have the lettering on the sleeves, the neckline and the tag reflects the different letters

on the older vintage jersey’s they used the Reebok logo’s on the neckline and shoulders and back. – same as toronto maple leafs which he has some great deals on this month….

he has a bunch of kids sports shirts coming in soon…

he advised us to contact Sylvestri Sports in welland for plus sizes (shawn? shaun)

you can order a jersey through them with a deposit down.

he says to buy a plain jersey and add lettering (for your favorite players usually costs + $50 above the pricing of the sports shirts)