Symetric Donation App Meeting – How do I get the app after it goes LIVE?

the idea girl says

blog #6 for 21 may 2015 meeting on 27 may 2015.

So I ask Brandon what happens after you’ve paid and gotten the app live?

The app (android) becomes available for download

I asked if it’s on Google PLay?

Brandon says usually apple has it on their app store

No charge for Symetric to put your donation app on the apple store.

it’s included in the package pricing

However, Apple charges a Canadian Fee for Iphone (for IOS Devices) a $75 + taxes yearly fee to Symetric, who in turn bills the client.

I asked Brandon if he was aware of any Government Grants that would cover the costs of his company making an app?

He mentioned one person did apply for it but it was turned down, but didn’t give the reasons, so that’s something I or a client will have to research on our own. 🙂

He advised for me to tell people under Symetric’s blog post – showcase option you can see their latest cool app that they are updating


There are several app references given in quotes so you can see the type of work they are experienced in…