Symetric Meeting – Creative Advertising Program Marketing Niagara College NOTL Discussion

the idea girl says

blog #8 (final one for Symetric!) meeting 21 may 2015, blogged 27 may 2015 along with 7 other blog posts check calendar to see ALL of them 🙂

This Niagara College course at NOTL Niagara on the Lake – Creative Advertising Program Marketing

this is how it works.. dont quote me, I jotted stuff down but not in full sentences. lol

Provide a client for free

students create the marketing plan

during a term (3 to 4 months)

after 2 – 3 months there is a presentation

I was advised to contact Malcolm Howe (Brandon was going to email an intro to me from Malcolm Howe)

Niagara College, NOTL, email marketing program coordinator.