Symetric Meeting Donation App Idea – Hackers Domains Stunt Double Marketing Bank Sponsors

the idea girl says

blog # 4 – meeting 21 may 2015, on 27 may 2015.

Symetric takes care of hacking issues to your website or app – included in pricing

they buy the domain – for a website app

Brandon told me about an app they created called Tiny Tales a Christian Bible app – when I asked if he build’s game apps, this is the one they’ve made so far…

There is a set up fee for Facebook, Twitter accounts – you would buy the Stunt Double Marketing Packages to get those services for your donation website or app

I asked if he’s got any Bank Sponsors?

He says the client does that on their own. They have their own account personal information.

Symetric only builds the website and handles the maintenance for clients. 🙂