Symetric Meeting Donation App Notes – How do they make an app – Story Board – Cell Phone Mobile Platforms

the idea girl says

see other blog posts for this topic, this is blog #2

27 may 2015

So we learn the steps on making a story board in blog #1

I asked can they make an app for each dollar amount?

Yes they can, most usually choose the pick your own amount (you key in the numbers on your mobile device)

Their #1 software languages are for IOS Devices – apple, IPhONE

#2 is Android – this is for MOST mobile devices

#3 is blackberry devices

It’s extra costs for android and blackberry because of the difference in the software programming languages to run the apps.

I asked if the app can have a share option – facebook, and twitter (you would use the stunt double marketing package to do that)

Stunt Double does all your marketing for you!

your blogs, social, customized marketing packages for each customer. You can see the choices and options on the Symetric website which I unfortunately cannot blog on wordpress (they sell a product) you can google them to find it 🙂

They write in a size 11 font for all mobile devices

the websites cannot be zoomed in on  it stays size 11 font.

they can add a link to an external crowd sourcing website for you ( I wanted the app to be put on one, they don’t do it that way – dont quote me!)