Symetric Meeting Donation App NOTES – How do they make an app?

the idea girl says

May 21, 2015 I had a meeting with Brandon about what Symetric can do – in regards to a donation app idea that I have.

the main focus is fort erie and the surrounding Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada – in increase our abilities for international, travel, tourists as well as locals to give a donation using a cell phone or tablet, instead of using cash or interac debit machines.

I think it’s a lot more feasible due to the fact the majority of us are glued to our texting screens here in fort erie, were either yapping or playing games while walking and bumping into walls and other people LOL (joke, no seriously it happens alot!)

So I asked Brandon to explain to me (slowly so I could write it down, he was awesome!) how  an app is made.

now this is what an App is for those of you that are not computer or cell phone literate 🙂

donation_iphone_apps_goodwill we need these for food bank donations

donation_iphone_apps_goodwill we need these for food bank donations

basically it’s a program on your cell phone, you pick the app (press it with your finger) and a program pops up and lets  you donate money from your bank account (or credit card? – sorry I didn’t ask about THAT, I just assume it’s the case!) to a charity of choice.

This one’s for Goodwill.  I found this app on the Niagara Region site in St Catharines. I emailed them and was given Symetric as the people that created this program.

I was delighted, because usually most software writers are in the USA for this type of marketing tool.  So I emailed and Brandon responded.  We set up a meeting for thursday 21 May 2015, that was 1.5 hours of my 3 pages of questions. LOL

So you can imagine what I mean by Brandon being patient…

So this is how they do it for a client.

Story Board Steps

(picture a presentation board in front of you on a big TV screen (at least 55″ you sports fans would LOVE that in YOUR home! I know Harry would for WWE RAW *wink*)

First you have a meeting discussing what is it you need and want.

2 – 3 weeks pass and a story board of your and their suggestions is brought to you at your next meeting.

at this meeting you will design pages, and discuss and look at the graphic design stage options.

you are given unlimited revisions at a flat rate

feature, page, extra – webpage, download app on itunes options. (there’s others but this is what I’ve written down pertaining to my earlier blog notes about what I was asking Symetric to make and give a quote for…

Brandon said he would email me some quotes for services for a general “donation app” idea.