Symetric Meeting Donation App Notes -Website to Bank Account – Market Study on Electronic Donations vs Cash Donations

the idea girl says

blog #3 for the meeting 21 may 2015 on may 27 2015.

Brandon explained that the “donation app” goes to a 3rd party merchant account – ie

CT TD Bank Donations

you would have to ask your bank about any fees involved with that set up.

Symetric can build a website to donate and a donation app that will go directly into the bank account of the organization

You would have to ask the bank – regular and business account? for a donation – fundraising account for a non profit charity.  or a business.. etc.

Brandon, at this time, does not possess a market study to show whether a donation app increases the donation amounts collected. (I have to look into this option furture – I plan to use it as a marketing tool when I present the idea to the local charities that if they have the government grant option to pay the fees to create this donation app idea – I want to know how much it can possibly increase the donators giving into an organization).

Symetric offers feedback to it’s clients in a monthly STATS report

information, included

this is included in the monthly maintenance fees of $25 per month (28.25 with tax incl)

of app and website.