Jamie O’Neal – When I Think About Angels @ 9 PM – 27 SAT 2015 FORT ERIE FRIENDSHIP FESTIVAL ONTARIO CANADA

the idea girl says
here’s one of Jamie’s music videos from earlier albums 🙂

she will be in fort erie tonight. It’s raining so wear your raincoats and galoshes 🙂

usually the rains come and go here, just so you know the storm looks like it’s going to split two ways according to the geomagnetic storm cells, direction of flow, the storm will be splitting in two, one going towards lake ontario and toronto, the other towards NNE to quebec and buffalo, usually we get a little round pocket of air over fort erie so the storms around us but not over us all the time. we have the strangest weather here. LOL

bring your own lawn chairs, or most people like to stand.

it’s $2 for your water and $5.50 for coolers/beer

no coolers allowed in the event or pets (no dogs etc)
proceeds from the drink sales goes towards costs for the events during the fort erie friendship festival 2015 season…

OLG is sponsoring these concerts, a big thank you to them!