Erik Tomas (RAceline Radio Network) interview CAnadian Motor Speedway Fort Erie Ont Bowen Rd Sunset Laur Rd WEST of QEW Fort ERIE

mapping location of NEW racetrack, ENTRANCE being built on LAUR RD according to Erik

location URL map on GOOGLE click here to see where it is going to Be…..

sorry I can’t put any more photos up at the moment, i’ve run out of space on my blog lol

so I’ll have to URL them!

So Erik Tomas says it’s located on the WEST side of the QEW Fort Erie, minutes away from the Buffalo New York USA Peace Bridge.

Directions for us to go see the ENTRANCE

QEW Fort ERIE to Bowen Rd Exit (the province is going to build a SECOND bridge here? or make more lanes to accomodate all the traffic coming out of the car (NASCAR specifications) race track here in Fort Erie Ontario Canada

Heading WEST on Bowen Rd turn Left onto Laur Rd

it’s between Gilmore Rd and Bowen Rd