Rich’s Explosion Employees wearing a Heart Monitor after being exposed to Ammonia Leak Chemical Spill Hagey Ave., Fort Erie

Rich’s Chemical Spill

monday july 6 2015 time frame 1211 pm firetrucks and ambulance 911 emergency to area, was told it’s blocked off from Bertie St.

Bertie dental office was closed down, windows were closed at the Hospital and residents were warned to keep windows closed, air conditioners were turned off according to a local man named Al.

At tim hortons we saw a heart monitor on an older fella that worked at Rich’s and he was talking a bit about it to other locals.

We were concerned (at the time I wasn’t aware of WHEN it happened) because late Saturday to Sunday night there was an STRONG ammonia smell down around the Jarvis Street area.

Not sure if this is the same chemical leak, but there was an explosion today monday july 6 2015 , and emergency services were called at 12 11 pm.

is it possible there was a chemical leak late saturday night from rich’s?
a contractor was called in to FIX it… and then we were told he opened the gas valve (and the guy said it was an unsafe and really STUPID thing to do with the gases on!)
the pipe was opened up and the ammonia hit his eyes and killed him immediately!

he’s a contractor, not an employee (a relief no one we all know here, still sorry for the guys family though RIP dude) I haven’t yet heard who the two seriously injured fella’s were.

anyways we were all walking out when this strong stench of ammonia hit us all, we all have sore throats. harry lost his voice last night (all night) and barely has it back today.

justin’s has chills all night and has  a wicked fever and is feelling very ill today….

I had a sore throat all night long and am having issues breathing  so I gurgled with warm salt water a few times. I drink lots of water but I’m feeling very tired today.

Pamela’s not feeling the greatest either.. so I hope if this is from Rich’s they need to put out a statement as to WHEN the leak was initially discovered, there might be other victims out there hurt from this “ammonia” chemical spill thats supposedly contained.

the question is, since it’s near a waterway (creeks) and that grass that runs to the fort erie race track is it going to get into the water, grass there and make the HORSES ill too?

I hope someone checks just to be on the safe side….

Mike DiBattista photo

read the explosion story here by reporters.