Ridgeways Summer Festival 2015 Visiting Unique Creations Artisan’s Outlet 304 Ridge Rd North – Ontario Canada Sunday July 5th

Ridgeways Summer Festival 2015 Visiting Unique Creations Artisan’s Outlet 304 Ridge Rd North – Ontario Canada Sunday July 5th

the idea girl says
I was shocked at the number of tents, crafts and lovely things to shop for as we toured Ridgeways Summer Festival on Sunday July 5, 2015. Pony Rides! a splash pad full of laughing children, a street full of vendors, restaurants and things to buy and do, live music concerts. It was a success!

A big difference from Fort Erie Friendship Festivals 2015 turnout and vendors… I just had to say that. FEFF usually gets rained out every year.

We were commenting that both festivals should join into ONE big festival for the area and expand the concerts and etc in that area on those dates, because they usually get nice weather for most days. every year around the holidays we seem to get rained out.

it was fun to view. I am sorry I missed seeing the associates and guilty pleasures bands (both favorites of ours).

there was a big street dance going on by the ridgeway legion (according to Randy and Cindy but we had to leave, we had other plans)

I’m sorry I couldn’t take pictures, my camera refused to turn on…

I can’t upload anything at the moment for pictures because my blog is full and they want me to pay for it. I use the FREE blogs because I cannot afford to pay for a blog or am not willing at this time to pay for one since it’s just a hobby for me. 🙂

what I need is a sponsor to pay for my blogs and in turn I can make something to boost their business sales and presence on the internet. 🙂

take a look at their site. I did know about this festival but got busy with friends and family (my first time not doing a full filming for a holiday weekend, it was nice though taking a BREAK :))

I forgot about it and made other plans. I’ll try and pencil it in for next year, with a new camera and a blog I can upload on lol

at the moment though if I FILM videos I can upload those so I need a camera that has wi fi so i can do that. I have to save up the $250 to pay for it. 🙂

the unique creations artisian’s outlet used to be in niagara falls ( i met the gal before that was at the cashier)

and it’s a lovely shop with loads of talented art works, jewellry and collectibles the perfect one time one of kind gift for people who are hard to buy for?

take a trip to ridgeway, do some shopping enjoy the restaurants and night life (live concerts at a few places there in the evenings now)

just want to say thanks diana for the lovely charm (for my purse) you bought me as a friendship gift it’s much appreciated!

they have lots of charms for your friends, families with cute little sayings on them. (they might not be called charms, thats what I call them because everything written on them was charming and put a smile on my face!)

community entertainment events info

ridgeway facebook


Unique Creations Artisan’s Outlet
Shopping & retail

304 Ridge Road N
Fort Erie, Ontario
(289) 321-0548



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