Canadian Motor Speedway Look Out for the Sunshine Changes Concept Drawings From North South to East West Direction July 2015

the idea girl says
June 27 2015 I interviewed Erik about the changes to the Canadian Motor Speedway after some fella’s with “NASCAR” jackets on in the back office with the conceptual drawings told me the track’s directions were changed due to the way the sunlight hits Fort Erie at certain times of the day…

Track was originally going in a North to South direction and by the looks of the new drawings it’s going to be East to West (don’t quote me, it might be NNW, etc)

I asked Erik, do we have NASCAR interested in this project yet? Because we have thousands of NASCAR fans here in Canada. I was thinking of those that cannot get a passport or travel across the border because they have a prior record with the police for misdemenours and things they did in their youth, which they now regret, or for some, they dont regret but would LOVE to ATTEND a NASCAR race here in CANADA 🙂 something for officials to plug when they approach NASCAR

I have written an email to them when I first heard about the track a few years ago, at that time they were not interested in expanding into Canada due to the costs and border crossing rules, etc… so it’s a lot for them to think about especially if any of the drivers have a police record and are not allowed to cross the border to RACE… yes that’s also going to be an issue should they decide to come on over here.

But we did think of something cool for this 65,000 seat to 100,000 seat stadium, racetrack – WWE EVENTS!!!!

the guys loved that idea, and the girls, we have tons of WWE fans, and so far we have WWE events in Hamilton, St Catharines and Toronto with I think 7,000 seats to 22,000 not sure..

Vince Mc Mahon would be happy to see those numbers rise if we’d be able to have WWE ( a week of events when there is no car racing going on…) the possibilities are endless, monster truck shows? (possible or no?) I just know Fort Erie and the Niagara Region is HUGE on sporting events.

The Panam Games July 10 – 26 and Parapanam games August 7 – 15,2015 will show that as well as they start today July 10, 2015 in Toronto and the surrounding regions.
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According to Erik the track is built to specifications that will make it attractive for those NASCAR SERIES to run. (my notes here) Any car style racing, sports, motorcycle, education, research, development, Engineering Mc Master Hamilton University, Niagara College Motive Power, University of Ontario Institute of Technology Oshawa – Wind Tower.