Canadian Motor Speedway in Fort Erie, Ont Canada plans to hold 250 Events per year Worlds First CARBON Neutral Speedway

the idea girl says

I never heard the term “carbon neutral speedway” before. I assume it’s something to do with fuel pollutants.

they are using advanced GREEN technology at this racetrack, people are going to like that!



What in the world does “Carbon Neutral” mean?

With many technologies using carbon based fuel to create energy in its different forms, the by-product released into the atmosphere is carbon dioxide. Excessive carbon dioxide allows sunlight and heat into the atmosphere, but doesn’t let it get out, causing the Earth to heat up. Pretty much every racing fuel associated with major racing platforms around the globe no longer use leaded fuel however there are smaller components of carbon that still need to be managed as with anything that deals with combustion, including your furnaces at home. This heating up concept is also caused by greenhouse gases such as methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), hydro fluorocarbons (HFC) used in air conditioners and heating units, and perfluorocarbons (PFC) used in high voltage or medical equipment just to name a few.

CMS will achieve its carbon neutral status by offsetting the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere from racing, through the utilization of renewable technology used for power, heating, cooling and leading edge waste management techniques that will create a greater amount of useful energy which does not produce any carbon dioxide. We like to think of it as being “Carbon Negative”. Our environmental enhancements on the site as well as best forestry practices will further promote the production of cleaner air for future generations. Carbon neutrality is not a simple tagline for us, it’s how we will race and operate our facility responsibly.

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