NASCAR FANS Advertising SIGNs around Car Racing Track at Canadian Motor Speedway in Fort Erie Ontario Canada – the idea girl says

the idea girl says

one of my questions to Erik was if there will be “advertising space” on the boards and walls surrounding the car racing track in fort erie ontario canada. the answer was Yes.


so my idea is for NASCAR fans – business persons in Canada and USA to become sponsors and advertise local business, events, and things going on in fort erie, ridgeway, crystal beach, welland, port colborne, niagara falls, niagara on the lake , st catharines to toronto ontario canada and beyond!

even international events should advertise.

the could put digital commercial advertisement screens in the washrooms and beside concession stands. (we stand in line from 10 to 30 mins, amuse us with FUNNy business commercials from international sponsors or advertising agencies. People from all over the world will visit this NASCAR like track (it’s built to their specifications so I keep referring to NASCAR because any type of event they have we will have here in Canada on the largest speed track with a seating of 65,000 (growth to 100,000).

I also suggest the #TIFF Toronto International Film Festival and #NIFF Niagara Integrated Film Festival do some advertisements there  (film trailers at the concession stands, or in the washrooms, no longer than 30 seconds each or less. Just enough to spark some interest.  Have apps to download from apple (new ones, games, and things to AMUSE the tourists while they are there waiting for races to begin).