R&D Innovation Park – Plans for Canadian Motor Speedway in Fort Erie, Ontario Canada

the idea girl says

investors and person’s who are involved with speedway cars, inventions, fuels and other technologies that spin off from these products, take note of future concept plans for the Canadian Motor Speedway (built to NASCAR track specifications – design concepts from NASCAR racer – Jeff Gordon – see his information here –  Racer #24 http://jeffgordon.com/


this is my notes based on what was on the information boards, I quote what they say and then I’ll add my IDEAS to it.

R&D Innovation Park

Speedway Club Corporate Suites as classrooms, conferences, garages as labs/testing on track.

Green Technology @ Canadian Motor Speedway (Fort Erie, ON Canada)

Redevelopment Miller Creek Phase 1

see information on this link: http://cdnmotorspeedway.com/earth-week-2015/



West Side of QEW Fort Erie Ontario Canada (minutes from Peace Bridge, Buffalo New York USA border crossing over the Niagara River Parkway close to Lake Erie Ontario Canada

Lake Erie to the South