NASCAR Specifications Jeff Gordon Designs Concepts Drawings – Canadian Motor Speedway, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada – photos Linda Randall Blogger :)

NASCAR Specifications Jeff Gordon Designs Concepts Drawings – Canadian Motor Speedway, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada – photos Linda Randall Blogger 🙂


photo here:

the idea girl says

to all my 14+ million social network connections on LinkedIN please send the blog posts about the Canadian Motor Speedway in Fort Erie Ontario Canada to any potential investors for – Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Entertainment Venues for Music, Film and the Arts!

LinkedIn Linda Randall

Not only am I sending suggestions to the owners of this NASCAR race track (built to their specifications for their style of fast car racing, innovations, inventions and testing facilities from various local university and college programs in this field of technology!)

for a large music, film, arts centre.

It has 65,000 seats in plans, with expansions to 100,000 seats and other things possible.

It’s using GREEN Technology so it will be eligible for various Government Grants for the new Technology and other things planned for the track.

Jobs and Employment are being developed.

Federal, Provincial and Municipal Taxes and other programs will be affected by the success of this project.

I’m getting the word out on a global scale via Twitter, Facebook and my #bloggersunite call to all Journalists from the New York Times, Canadian Press, American Press, Europe, Asia, Australia, UK blogger connections. 🙂

Most of my early journalist students that i’ve been blogging with since 2008 are now employed by magazines, news papers and TV MEDIA NEWS Channels!

So I’m going to create my own little BUZZ that will go worldwide, not only for investors to approach this project and get involved in our new travel, tourism industry ideas here in the

Niagara Region Ontario Canada which is going to bring lots of jobs to Lake, Ontario and Lake Erie regions in Canada and the USA.

I noticed during the Pan Am Games 2015 we have lots of people staying at our hotels, eating at our great foods – home cooked meals in every Restaurant here in Fort Erie Ontario, Ridgeway Ontario, Crystal Beach and Stevensville.

We have large restaurants that host several bus loads, 110 to 500 patrons, for Green Acres Restaurant (Garrison Rd, Fort Erie) and Betty’s Restaurant (Sodom Rd, Chippawa – Niagara Falls Ont Canada area off QEW FORT ERIE)

I’ve video blogged most of our restaurants from St Catharines to Niagara Falls, Niagara on the Lake, Fort Erie, Welland, Port Colborne and our festivals and events attendance of 100,000 to 400,000 people is rising!

I started working on the Fort Erie Region about 3 years ago.  My goal was to get it on the Google Maps, let people know we have all sorts of fun things to do here and to enjoy the best tasting food around in the Niagara Region Ontario Canada.

It’s busy!

thanks to all my fellow bloggers from around the world, we are creating a larger international tourism industry here.

With plans to expand films into international languages, bollywood  for our 70% or higher multicultural residents that live in the Lake Ontario, Lake Erie regions on both sides USA and Canada.

thank you for letting your media news know about this project and thanks to WGRZ Buffalo channel 2 for talking about various community events that I email them about. 🙂

Now I’m working on getting the word out for the Canadian Motor Speedway, via stories, photos on my blogs on wordpress. 🙂

I took some time off in June, July 2015 to get some rest (caught a flu virus, sore throat virus) lol so much for a holiday!

I needed some rest.  Now I’ll be getting back slowly into the swing of things as August rolls around. I try to organize our next 6 months of video blogging trips and blog posts about community events that I’ve managed to attend this past spring, summer.

I know I’m blogging it all backwards, but it’s faster to upload pics that way from my archaic cell phone!

thanks again, see you all soon!