Tracing Chisholm Family Tree Oakville Museum Navy Street Historical Society Generation Photos 23 July 2015

the idea girl says

views of the pier and marina entrance from Lake Ontario behind the ERCHLESS Chisholm Museum in Oakville Ontario Canada on Navy St (take Trafalgar head right towards Lakeshore Rd, Navy St )

lovely scenic view of Large Massive Mansions (coming up in pics)

the idea girl says

Our Trip to Oakville was to see how much traffic the Pan Am Games was on QEW Toronto.

then I got the urge to get off the highway at Trafalgar Rd. (we couldn’t remember how to get to the museum!)

that name sounded familiar.

Follow it to the RIGHT to the END (towards Lakeshore Rd which runs along Lake Ontario from Toronto all the way to Burlington)

it’s a lovely scenic drive (takes you AGES to get along the lake, it’s faster on the QEW Hamilton but when there’s thousands of cars backed up you might wanna take a more RELAXING route!

So we did.

then I saw it.

the construction sign saying Lakeshore or Trafalgar Rd is closed between Navy St and another street!


I remember NAVY St, it’s historical – the army world war I, world war II, historical villages – I remember there’s a museum. it’s the chisholm ERCHLESS museum.

so we drive around till we find it and park there (FREE as long as you go inside of the museum (they are watching!))

There’s a nice park area there, trails along the lake ontario shores, and then there is the pier.

kids were jumping off of it, the water’s cold they say.  but it feels great when we have a heat wave on!

it’s 30 degrees out this week, so adding humidex were looking at

actually it’s 32 degrees today and feels like 37!

heat wave warning on my cell phone from TWN the weather network 🙂


I didn’t update it on this date.

long story short. I will talk more with photos

we got heat stroke from being out there an hour!

sick all the next night, day UGH

but it was a lovely memorable trip!