A Kissing Rock Seals Your Love for Life…. Romantic Welland Ship Canal Lock 7

justin & pamela sealed their love in this pic:


the idea girl says

I have other pics of the rock and me and harry (7 photo attempts lol) kissing too!

they are all jumbled when I uploaded them. Don’t know where they are at the moment, will post them as photos get blogged.

the legend is something about sailors would come to this rock to kiss their girl to seal their love and return home to marry them, usually they did according to historical records!


it’s located at lock 7 museum – thorold ontario canada

QEW Glendale Ave, heading South on Canal Parkway? (road goes along the welland ship canal’s locks towards #6 the double welland canal lock) it’s up the hill.

notice on the RIght lovely painted wall murals depicting the history of the building of the welland ship canal from the late 1800s to early 1900s