NDP Leader Tom Mulcair Promises $15 Minimum Wage Hike ONLY applies to FEDERAL CIVIL SERVANT JOBS

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair Promises $15 Minimum Wage Hike ONLY applies to FEDERAL CIVIL SERVANT JOBS

the idea girl says

today I had a discussion with someone who was really worried about something being taken out of context for most Canadian’s who DO NOT understand everything a politician says. (I am sure many political chatters out there know exactly what it means, this blog post addresses those who don’t normally discuss politics but need to be aware of this statement and how it can be taken out of context.

I was disturbed about it, but I looked up what the media says and they have clarified it, however I found out in order for US in ONTARIO to get ANY Minimum WAGE hike in pay, Only the Liberal’s Kathleen Wynne is able to fix that!

Anything NDP Tom Mulcair promises only applies to FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PAID JOBS. Which it was pointed out to me only a SMALL percentage would benefit from it since the majority already make WAY over $15 an hour in their minimum wages.

The problem is not everyone reads a newspaper, watches TV or the NEWS and many don’t use the internet. It’s like the telephone game, you hear one thing at one end and by the time it gets to another end, it’s something entirely different!


NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says he will put the idea of a $15 an hour minimum wage to a vote in Parliament when it resumes next week.

The NDP plan would start the minimum wage at $12-an-hour, which would gradually rise to $15 by 2019. This would only apply to federally-regulated industries — which includes modes of transport such as railways and ferries, phone services, broadcasting, banks and mining.

The NDP plan would reverse the Liberal government’s 1996 decision to scrap the federal minimum wage. Since then, each province and territory has set their own minimum wage, which ranges from a low of $10 in New Brunswick to a high of $11 in Nunavut and Ontario.

the idea girl says

So you see Tom Mulcair NDP leader is only promising to give MORE of your tax dollars to Government Employees or people that fall under Federal Paid JOBS.

I find it amusing he’s talking about canadians working at minimum wage and living in poverty when absolutely NONE of these Federally Paid Employees have ever experienced the pain, discomforts, frustrations of living below or just above poverty.

I’ve said it before, I think we should ASK our politicians to try and live on $12,000 a year for EACH member of cabinet and then we’ll know they have EXPERIENCED it and can talk about what “poverty” means to people.

The NDP Leader’s words and campaign promises is confusing and it never should have been said, because now you’ve made thousands of “poverty” people aware that you think your federal government employees are living in “poverty”.

let’s do the math 12,000 a year based on if poverty people were working 37 hours a week (full time)

so 37 hours * 51 weeks = 1887

so we will divide 12,000 by 1887 to see how much the government pays people who are living in poverty and they rely on a government income each month to live – $10.11 per hour * 37 hours = 374.07 per week or bi weekly pay would be 748.14 minus taxes to the government

-33.70 for CPP


-14.07 EI (ontario)



Federal Tax



provincial tax

same link at federal

so we have 748.14 – 33.70 – 14.07 -101.60 -43.90 = 554.87

so you get 554.87 per week after taxes paid.

poverty is 1,000 a month per person, with two people it’s 921.00 per person per month.

average rents for a one bedroom are $800 – $1100 in most cities, bachelor apts go from 750 to 1000 per month.

it doesn’t leave you much for groceries, transportation, gifts, entertainment, insurances, medical expense.

So it’s nice for him to say he PLANS to cost YOU more in TAXES to pay Government Employees…

But to link the “hundreds of thousands of families in canada struggling to scrape by (NONE of the Federal Employees are classified as poverty when they make more than what’s being told)

To classify those jobs as “poverty” isn’t a wise thing to say…


“There are hundreds of thousands of families in Canada living on minimum wage, struggling just to scrape by. If we’re against poverty in this country, how can we accept that somebody who works full time lives in poverty?”