NDP Leader Tom Mulcair Promises $15 Minimum WAGE Hike to Federal Government Employees

the idea girl says

what about the REST of Canada?

You are promising a wage hike to 423,781 active contributors to the federal public service whom most already make over $15.00 an hour.

While you have  17,576,219.7 minimum wage workers in Canada with no chance of getting a minimum wage hike in the middle of one of the worst global and international recessions we’ve ever had!

Release dates for major economic indicators, by month, 2015


quote wiki

In Canada, the civil service for the Government of Canada is termed the Public Service of Canada, comprising the employees of approximately 200 departments, agencies, commissions, boards, councils, and crown corporations. There are 423,781 active contributors to the federal public service, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Canadian Forces pension plans. This represents about 2.3 percent of the Canadian workforce of 18.7 million.

Each of the ten provincial governments as well as the three territorial governments also has a separate civil service. In 2010, all provincial and territorial governments’ civil services comprised a total of more than 350,000 employees


the idea girl says

so when you make a campaign promise to a small amount of people but make it sound like the provincial governments are going to follow suit, without any PROMISES from THAT Government shows that you are promising something that really doesn’t help any of the people voting for you…

just saying..