Birthday Memorial to a Long Time Friend Jennifer Elayne Margaret Beam

Birthday Memorial to a Long Time Friend Jennifer Elayne Margaret Beam

the idea girl says

we had a lovely celebration of a passed life that was dear to us.

a long time good friend Jennifer Beam

Her sister Lee Anne along with her husband Shawn put a BBQ party on in memory of Jennifer.

We took snap shots and Lee Anne had us sign our names on some two by four’s made into a frame over a slew of friends who have attended Jennifer’s birthday parties since we lost her 25 July 2012 in a trucking accident.

It brought tears to my eyes to see the photos of her with family as a baby and than growing up into a little girl, a teenager, a young woman.

The food was awesome! I’ll tell you MORE about the party on my idea girl canada photo story blog :

the idea girl says

I had to add this, it’s CUTE!

The Butterfly Song

at the funeral Lee Anne and Clyde released a large box of butterflies in memory of jennifer

so i found this cute song. I used to sing this while being a nanny babysitter to two kiddies..