Welcoming New RETAIL STORE- Remember When Antiques & Collectibles Garrison Rd Fort Erie Ontario – Peace Bridge Shopping

Welcoming New RETAIL STORE- Remember When Antiques & Collectibles Garrison Rd Fort Erie Ontario – Peace Bridge Shopping

the idea girl says

while out for a walk today I found a new shop! 🙂

I walked in to chat with Rob who is a friendly and cheerful guy 🙂

He was delighted when I told him I blog local retail stores, restaurants in the Niagara Region – Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, St Catharines, Niagara on the Lake, Welland, Port Colborne, Ridgeway, Crystal Beach, Stevensville all the way to Toronto and parts of Southwestern Ontario – St Thomas, London and Woodstock, Windsor – Ontario Canada along Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

My goal is to help develop the Travel & Tourism Industry, by offering ideas to business people and retail shops, mapping them on my blog and connecting similiar interests for people visiting ontario canada or buffalo New york USA that come across the Peace Bridge, Rainbow Bridge or Queenston Lewiston Bridge for a bite to eat at our fabulous home cooked meals restaurants, and shops and villages to our big city shopping malls.

Fort Erie is on the map now! Google maps, literally!

I’ve mapped out how to get to our favourites, letting you know by my reviews for restaurants, who will enjoy eating there, and what types of foods you can enjoy.

I haven’t seen enough Antique shops in Fort Erie *wink* we have a few now, which is GREAT!

I’m adding them to my THRIFT store shopping guide, so you can look at thrift stores, retail stores (new stuff) and Antiques and collecibles, like at Remember WHEN … Antiques & Collectibles on Garrison Rd by Crescent Park Rd, Buffalo Rd – Clarion Hotel, Tim Hortons, Avondale Variety Store, YMCA, City Hall Fort Erie Leisureplex, and the skateboard park.

close to Green Acres Restaurant (where else can you have a WHOLE lunch, soup – sandwich, and a DRINK for under $10 during their LUNCH specials Monday to Friday?

i love LUNCH specials don’t you? it makes travelling more affordable.

and guess what!

did you know that on average FORT ERIE has the cheapest GAS prices in the Niagara Region?

YEP… I check on gas buddy all the time, and I usually end up getting my gas here!

check out pictures of the store, visit them on facebook to see what is there and LIKE them, pass this blog post on please, let’s give them lots of likes for fun!


also blogging a welcome to #TIFF Toronto International Film Festival Hollywood Stars, Film Producers, Film Directors and Screen Writers and Movie FANS all 736,000 of them!


I have let hollywood know that Remember WHEN has lots of cool antiques and collectibles that would make fabulous Movie Props!