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the idea girl says
would you believe I’m still blogging photos I took May 2015?

Slow but sure it my motto for 2015. I blog several different projects, and rotate them when I feel up to it (health isn’t as good as it was before and it’s hard to blog when I’m tired all the time…)

I really love taking photos with the new “reverse cam” cell phone! they are nice, clear and sharp most of the time.

The other day I enlarged my photo on my cell phone and voila guess what pops up on the screen? THE ZOOM function!

I’ve been so frustrated because there’s no option for it and I assumed for the past few months it didn’t have one. LOL
I should have known! it’s all touch screen! And so I figured out how to zoom the pics now!

Which came in handy when I was trying to take the snap shot of a baby donkey from 7 feet away, I wanted a nice facial pic of the newborn and so when I zoomed it I could see his features alot clearer then when I took snap shots of the first donkey being born at Happy Rolph’s Bird Sanctuary (petting zoo off of Lakeshore Rd, St Catharines (heading over the welland canal lock 1 towards niagara on the lake, there’s NO sign for it!!!!)

650 Read Road, St. Catharines, ON L2M 7M3
(905) 937-7210

then I found the photos from May 2015 where we went to a free hotdog BBQ and fresh made potable water truck….
It was some sort of fundraiser? I’m not sure what it was, but 911 was there, fire trucks with fire men and women, paramedics with an ambulance. I took photos of everything, (lots of stuff inside the ambulance).

There was inflatable toys for kids to play on, a train ride (I couldn’t go on it, no kids! lol) and lots of things to do – health, emergency (FEMA, RED CROSS DISASTER MANAGEMENT TEAM) but I wasn’t feeling too good, so I took 15 mins to snap shots, eat a hot dog and had to leave (heat wave was NASTY!!!).

you can see the photo stories on idea girl canada photo story blog on wordpress here:

as you can see I’ve uploaded over 90 pages of photos (no peeking!) which I reblog after resizing them to 450 pixels from 700 – 2000.

I tell a bit of the story on the one blog with the photo,and then on some of them I tell the rest of the story on the other blog and link the two together!

If it’s NIFF or TIFF or Movie, film festivals, or big huge event news, then I’ll blog about it on my main entertainment blog (which i rarely update because I just don’t have the energy to do it anymore!) you can see my bigger stories on :