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the idea girl says
I was watching movies on cogeco and found a documentary called “Taking Niagara by Storm” with Tv’s John Storm. It was an interview about #NIFF2015 (march 2015 before the main event happened in June 2015) Niagara Integrated Film Festival.
I was so happy to see my dream coming true for the Niagara Region. I had a dream back in 2012 when I first moved here to Fort Erie about Hollywood and the Film Industry becoming a part of our economic growth plan here.

I made some notes.
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GO Train project from Toronto to niagara falls ontario canada
NDP MPP Wayne Gates has been pushing for this to happen.

they were talking about the GO TRAIN project something I really want to help push to be extended from Toronto to Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, where it expands the existing VIA rail lines that we already have but makes a faster travel service, not only for travel, tourism industry but for JOBS between here and Toronto we need a GO Train to expand our tourism industry and once you extend it to niagara falls, I’d like to see it extend or branch off to Fort Erie so people in toronto can come to the horse races and car races here (in future plans for the area), and help build a GO GREEN TRAIN service that reduces emissions from cars, and so we don’t have to build 8 lane QEWS highways from Toronto, I think were there already, so lets say 10 to 12 lanes of cars driving and making travelling around Lake ontario quicker, rather than taking 1.5 to 2.0 hours to get across lake ontario!

I’d like to see in the future a BRIDGE that goes Over lake Ontario itself and cuts across the lake ontario so that we can expand a tourism industry along the water front, having ramps going down to islands in the water (futuristic ideas here…)more in the next blog post.

#NIFF Niagara Integrated Film Festival has the possibilities of expanding and being 5 million in attendance, to expand the ideals that first started with #TIFF Toronto INternational Festival where 736,000 people flock to each year to enjoy the greatest film stars, directors, producers, etc…

Niagara Film Fest is a whole new ball game, where it can expand into the international film markets, and children’s film markets, something we need MORE of!

I know many parents out there going BATTY because the kids want to watch the same films over and over again!
Give them more films or short films to buy to entertain the kids, small story lines that spin off and become a full length film feature.

so you’d do about 10 film shorts, and #11 is a full feature film based on the characters in the first 10 film shorts.
you build a following that way for the film characters, kids fall in love with them and want to see them on the BIG screen!

and for Big Screen films, the little kiddies from 2 to 5, don’t have a film industry. make a film that’s 10 min segments, with entertaining music songs they can jump and play and then back to another 10 minutes film segment.. good exercise and you could bring in the toy industry to try out new toys with set groups of kids that sign up for the experience (red carpet, be a princess, prince, king or queen, or film character, and have film characters show up to do autographs for the kiddies.

building a film base with the younger kids who become teen actors, is great, because those kids will love it when they do college and adult material type films.. you have a long standing with fans that way and constant income for the actors, film directors, producers, etc…

The GO TRAIN needs money to be built. At the moment they are looking at the numbers to build it.

why not get all the local businesses in on it? sponsor a panel on the GO TRAIN for X number of dollars, and it’s going to be a yearly contract of advertising.

you can go digital on the train outside and inside, where people will be entertained while riding the train!