Hurricane Patricia Category 5 to Category 1 hits Fort Erie – Lake Erie Crystal Beach with over 100 km WINDS

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REMNANTS of a Category 5 Hurricane Patricia at 325 km winds reduce to just over 100 km + winds hitting Fort Erie, Crystal Beach, Ridgeway, Buffalo NY USA on oct 29 2015.

It’s the same path as Tropical Storm Bill was in June 2015.  Interesting I compare the planetary affects on Earth’s Stormy weather on my blog – idea girl severe storm prediction warnings on wordpress.

It’s a global weather study. I study global warming trends and blog the data from around the world.

Currently we have a problem up in the ARTIC where global warming is rising temperatures over 20 – 40 degrees warmer, melting tons of ice, which is affecting the ATlantic, Pacific Oceans – WAVE heights, Hurricane’s that usually go to Category 1 to 2, going up to Category 5 and the EYE of the hurricane goes from usually 40 km per hour to 200 km per hour.

The methane is being released in alarming amounts, which is why Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and other political heads are going to a Global Warming conference at the END of November 2015.

There’s word of an ELE Extinction Level Event if they don’t do something FAST to the ARCTIC.  So they are going to try to freeze it all up again (NASA’s ordering it to be done As soon as they can) which means more disasters, and violent odd storms across the globe.

I’ll be working on some solutions to all of this stuff and blogging my findings, sending data to NASA, and other interested parties that follow the blog’s scientific data findings.  I do data mining as a hobby looking for everything and anything that can help with a major situation – such as global warming causing an extinction level event ( the prediction is 70% of humans will die, along with vegetation and animals, marine, etc leaving only 30% of the world to live) which is the same thing as the Illuminati and others before us wrote on the caves back 3,000 years ago, it’s a cycle that happened before.

man tried to FIX this and they caused an ICE AGE 12,000 years ago, it was to fix a small area, they ended up freezing the whole northern hemisphere and continents….

needles to say it’s going to be my job along with many world scientists to come up with a solution to this. I will try to help as best as I can…

check out the blog data here:

methane data on WIKI

TREES SNAP, WAVES 7 FEET HIGH HITS Fort Erie’s – Lake ERie, Crystal Beach and OLD Fort Erie – The WEATHER NETWORK TEAM

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oct 29 2015
high winds over 100 km hitting fort erie, crystal beach, ridgeway ontario canada

lake erie’s 7 feet high waves are crashing and flooding the shores.

the powers out in places on dominion rd, to nigh rd due to a transformer being knocked down with a tree

that snapped in half from the wind.

It might be back up now! (later in the afternoon)

Harry & I headed out to the Palmwood BEACH area along crystal beach, we spotted some of THE WEATHER NETWORK camera’s crews filming and shooting pics of guys trying to surf the big 7 foot high waves in over 100 km winds

I got out and took some selfies, and pictures of tree’s that snapped in half due to the wind storm.

I uploaded those on my webpages on THE WEATHER NETWORK  it should be showing in the next 24 hours.

Harry lost his favorite hat and the weather network guy was filming in our direction, so not sure if he caught me having a temper tantrum yelling at harry to get away from the crashing waves, (his hat flew across 20 feet right into the Lake’s big waves LOL) he was TICKED!!! lol

I was like YAH!!!! arm up in the air, hooray for the universe, I’ve tried to throw that old 15 years old holy hat out in the garbage for years, finally the universe did it. LOL

poor harry he’s lost without his hat, one less argument for us! (now to work on those 25 holes jeans he’s got! lol)

check out the photos on idea girl canada photo story (more stories written there)

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Linda RAndall

weekly cHRISTMAS mARKET vENDORS wanted beLL tOWER sANCTUARY cENTRAL aVE fORT erie oNT canada


just found out they are going to do a weekly christmas market (not in ridgeway at the annual spirit of christmas, it’s moved to

Bell Tower Sanctuary

575 Central Ave
Fort Erie, Ontario
(905) 658-6345

It’ll be $100 for 4 Christmas Markets (Vendors can stay set up) or $35 for one market per space.
These are the dates. You can pick one or all as you see fit.

Nov 29
Dec 6
Dec 13
Dec 20
Please contact Linda via email ( copying the email) if you are interested or have any questions.

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oct 23, 2015.