Hundreds of Flavours ICE CREAM in WELLAND Ontario – COOL LICKS beside Blue Star Restaurant, Welland Canal Hiking Trails

see photos here:

the idea girl says
Cool Licks!
I’ll say it’s cool. Where else can you find almost 100 flavours to choose from?
soft and hard ice cream, sundaes and try their cheese cakes.

I think a slice is under $5!
they make it themselves too

small eating area for 4 persons per table.
I think they have about 6 tables, and some outside for the summer season!

you have to pay to park here

drive over 3 blocks and you’ll find free parking by the welland canal hiking trails (welland ship canal #3 – its no longer used for the big ships, just for pleasure boating and races (rowing, Olympic events)

we love going for the lunch specials (under $10 per person) at the Blue Star Restaurant which is right next door, and then you stop into Cool Licks for dessert! 🙂