Linda Randall- The Idea Girl Says – Shares her Travel, Tourism Ideas with many companies, business and community event programs

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the idea girl says

I’ll be visiting you soon if you are a new business, community event that someone invites me to interview people, or write about on my blog!

thanks to all of my readers for sharing these tips with me on FACEBOOK. I appreciate you adding content for me on my blog.

it sometimes takes me a week to two months to do most of them. Depends on my schedule. This summer I took lots of time off to recoup from illness and to get myself in better shape because sitting behind a computer day and night was unhealthy for me.

I’m feeling much better, so I’m back to blogging a little more often now, a few times a week.

It will stay that way! it’s better for me health wise. 🙂
I have more photos of some of the exciting things that have been changing here in fort erie ontario canada.

Soon I hope to add another city and new projects next spring!

I want to add different materials to my youtube channel, once I get a wifii camera or a new computer!