15.5 foot WAVES Lake ERIE FLOODS Niagara Parkway Trails and ROADWAYS by OLD FORT ERIE – NOv 12 2015 STORM PHOTOS

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this super storm hit LAKE ERIE from Buffalo NY USA, Fort Erie Ont Canada all the way to Port Stanley Ontario Canada (a 4 hour drive to get there along Hwy #3) from the Peace Bridge!

15.5 foot waves were recorded in Port Colborne, at 7 pm on Nov 12 2015 with gusts up to 120 km from 80 km steady wind speeds!

It flooded many roadways and houses along crystal beach and behind old fort erie. The Water Levels came up about 25 feet (my deductions) from the rocky shelf where we all love to go for walks and some of us enjoy fishing late at night!

in behind old fort erie, the roadway (beach, sand) all disappeared under WATER! as it also did by Maher’s ARCh from Queen Street to the Central Ave exit onto the Niagara Parkway which goes directly by the Canada Customs Offices by the Peace Bridge (crossing into USA – Buffalo NY)

I’ve got photos of different places (night time’s aren’t all that great it was sooo dark out!) I go back in the day time to capture the flood damages, the water’s receded about 15 feet, from where it WAS last night!