The Idea Girl Says… Fort Erie ONt CANADA – IGC Entertainment CA Youtube

The Idea Girl Says… Fort Erie ONt CANADA – IGC Entertainment CA Youtube

the idea girl says
I haven’t looked at my OLD youtube channel for a couple of years now. When we got here in Fort Erie about 3.5 years ago, we started to put the local restaurants, retail stores, and community events on the IGC Entertainment Ca Youtube Channel.

I noticed, there was a lot of different “idea girls” because my blogging traffic dropped from 10 million views per year, to about 2 million. So I decided it was time to “rebrand” from Idea Girl Consulting and IGC Entertainment Canada to Idea Girl Canada.

simple and easy for people to remember!

I always check my blogging stats in December to see how things are going, and I’d like to welcome many new viewers from Europe, Asia, Australia that joined this year! šŸ™‚

the IGC Entertainment CA youtube channel stats as of Dec 10, 2015 is
146 subscribers ā€¢ 205,557 views

the idea girl consulting youtube channel is
584 subscribers ā€¢ 50,194 views (my first youtube channel)

the idea girl says youtube channel is
480 subscribers ā€¢ 454,144 views

the idea girl says wordpress blog is
4,403,078 hits

idea girl consulting wordpress blog is
5,923,912 hits

linda randall wordpress blog is
186,485 hits

alien space science news is
58,595 hits

victoria stafford a psychic investigation
1,385,119 hits

the calamity girl wordpress is
238,147 hits

idea girl severe storm predictions warnings
290,899 hits

I have a few other blogs that I don’t update too often so I’m not going to mention them…