WRiting Blogging Cogeco CMT Channel 38 – Tornado Hunters Momma Bear Saves Cub from Speeding CARS on Highway!

WRiting Blogging Cogeco CMT Channel 38 – Tornado Hunters Momma Bear Saves Cub from Speeding CARS on Highway!

the idea girl says
Its not too many things that shock me. This video did!

This little bear cub climbs out towards a speeding car on a highway and is within a hair’s length of having it’s guts plastered in a million different directions. (a film writers way of explaining things so you get a GORY, Bloody picture in your mind – since the Niagara Region is BIG on Horror TV shows and flicks lol)

But the funniest thing was it was shown on my favorite TV show on CMT –
Friday, January 15 6:00PM
38 CMT
Tornado Hunters
Into the Belly of the Beast
 Details
Friday, January 15 6:00PM

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check out the bear cub rescue here

MPP Wayne Gates MP Rob Nicholson Idea Girl Canada has 1,000 – 2,000 readers and The Idea Girl Says has 5,000 readers each month.

MPP Wayne Gates MP Rob Nicholson Idea Girl Canada has 1,000 – 2,000 readers and The Idea Girl Says has 5,000 readers each month.

the idea girl says
Happy Dance!!!!

It’s January 15, 2016, where did the time go?

thank you readers because of you sharing my blog links on your facebook walls, tweets and other blogs, IDEA GIRL CANADA is creeping up to match the other blogs!

It’s the lowest readers because it’s a fairly new blog. It’s from 1,000 to 2,000 readers per month. The Idea Girl Says WordPress Blog is at 5,000 readers (steady) per month and that’s low for it too.

something you don’t know about me. My first year blogging when I did it 13 hours a day, 7 days a week, I was getting 10 million views a year. (a combination of all the blogs at the time).

I’ve not been blogging much for the past 5 years due to health issues. But I decided I’ll do more blogging DAYS and less blogging posts, to get all my readers back and then increase it!

I use to have this crazy goal to have 2 million viewers like Parez Hilton does.. I am the Canadian version He’s the american. He does Entertainment, Star News. I do local community news, Global stories – film, music, entertainment and a outer space, science, and severe weather blogs. A mixture of several things because I have hobbies in ALL those things, so I blog them for fun.

Sometimes the blogs overlap one another – my writing, stories, photo stories – idea girl canada, the idea girl says and idea girl consulting are my main film, music, entertainment, authors, journalists, writing blogs.

the rest are me writing about things I love to see, hear and do.. 🙂

So I’m writing this blog to let you know my ideas are shared around the world, so when we need HELP or ideas for a problem here, we can gather other people’s plans, ideas as well as my own and implement them here to address our issues…

THIS year I’m working on reducing poverty in food, housing and expanding more into the global entertainment industry (should my health get strong enough to do it!)..

I continue to work on my science projects, and blog those too in hopes of advancing our space programs and technologies.

Emailed Back Donnelly from Wayne Gates – SMoke Free Purified Air Plan, Fight Against Poverty Housing Plan – The idea girl says

read my email to :
Niagara Falls MP Rob Nicholson MPP Wayne Gates – Ideas – Smoke Free Purified Air Plan – Fight Against Poverty Housing Plan

the idea girl says

I put the letter on the idea girl says wordpress blog which gets over 5,000 views each month, so I could get the word out, My ideas and plans to reduce poverty, change the way low income housing is – reduce the 8 year waiting list to 0 years and create a SMOKE FREE Purified Air Plan for apartments and multi-plex units, dwellings for everyone. 🙂

I sent it Jan 5, 2016 and finally got an email response from Donnelly? On Jan 15, 2016. He’s delighted with the ideas and is going to forward it to MPP Wayne Gates to read.

I sent him another slew of my ideas to build a Tourism Industry in Film, Production, Directing and Writing in the Niagara Region Ontario Canada. I think I forgot to SEND myself a copy! So I’ll have to wait to share it when Donnelly writes back. lol

Happy Dance!!!! I made it one of my “2016 resolutions” to do some politics. AFter several people here in Fort Erie asked me to run for Mayor…

I don’t want the stress, but I can help with my ideas, so I am! 🙂