Watch TV Show CMT’s Tornado Hunters Incredible Supercell Lightning Storm Timelapse

Watch TV Show CMT’s Tornado Hunters Incredible Supercell Lightning Storm Timelapse

257 views 14 Jan 2016
the idea girl says

I found a funny, entertaining and educational TV show on CMT called Tornado Hunters. Pass it on! You’ll love this show! This is one of my favorite TV clips – time lapse footage of a supercell tossing lightning bolts across the dark skies. They were watching for a Tornado outbreak. You will learn what types of storms, severe weather signs to look for before a TORNADO hits your town or city!

Pass it on! Greg, Ricky and Chris also offer teaching educational classes for school – and classes on how to FILM one of these MONSTER storms.

Something we get lots of here in Fort Erie, Ontario Canada. Someone should do a storm chasing, storm hunting type of conference and sell retail goods to people that love to do it, or people interested in doing it as a hobby.

As many of you know Harry and I like to film storm pics, videos and put them up on our youtube channels. We stick close to home here in the Niagara Region Ontario Canada. I honestly think I’d be WAY TOO TERRIFIED to do the type of filming that Chris, Ricky and Greg do. KOODOS to them for being BRAVE and making it fun to watch on TV!

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