Emailed Back Donnelly from Wayne Gates – SMoke Free Purified Air Plan, Fight Against Poverty Housing Plan – The idea girl says

read my email to :
Niagara Falls MP Rob Nicholson MPP Wayne Gates – Ideas – Smoke Free Purified Air Plan – Fight Against Poverty Housing Plan

the idea girl says

I put the letter on the idea girl says wordpress blog which gets over 5,000 views each month, so I could get the word out, My ideas and plans to reduce poverty, change the way low income housing is – reduce the 8 year waiting list to 0 years and create a SMOKE FREE Purified Air Plan for apartments and multi-plex units, dwellings for everyone. 🙂

I sent it Jan 5, 2016 and finally got an email response from Donnelly? On Jan 15, 2016. He’s delighted with the ideas and is going to forward it to MPP Wayne Gates to read.

I sent him another slew of my ideas to build a Tourism Industry in Film, Production, Directing and Writing in the Niagara Region Ontario Canada. I think I forgot to SEND myself a copy! So I’ll have to wait to share it when Donnelly writes back. lol

Happy Dance!!!! I made it one of my “2016 resolutions” to do some politics. AFter several people here in Fort Erie asked me to run for Mayor…

I don’t want the stress, but I can help with my ideas, so I am! 🙂