Donnelly, Wayne Gates MPP Niagara Falls Low Income Housing Utility Project – NEFF

Donnelly, Wayne Gates MPP Niagara Falls Low Income Housing Utility Project – NEFF – Niagara Emergency Energy Fund

the idea girl says

this is story #3 about how we can change our housing crisis here in the Niagara Region Ontario Canada and reduce a 8 year waiting list down to 0. How does that sound to you? I think it would reduce a lot of STRESS for low income families, who struggle month to month, trying to pay the rising costs of food, housing and utility bills.

The key is to reduce the amount of time, money and costs involved to run a new “assistance program.” So the idea is to use what we already have and EXPAND the program to include the FULL Utility costs, instead of partials or arrears, disconnects accounts for the low income families.

Now I interviewed Elliott at the Salvation Army on Gilmore Rd in Fort Erie Ontario Canada.

The LEAP Hydro assistance program isn’t good enough – they can only do one month of assistance with limited funds – March – April. (Elliott said usually the money’s used up within the first two weeks of MARCH! yikes!)

so that’s where NEFF picks up the tab when LEAP cannot.

the process for NEFF
you need to provide a disconnection notice (they prefer you book your phone interview immediately because it can take several weeks to PROCESS the monies to pay the utility account that’s in arrears which can easily lead to a total disconnection which is quite expensive to pay.

disconnected notices or disconnected utilities for:
hydro, gas, wood (wood stoves), propane, oil – heat

leave message – utility assitance with Salvation Army Elliott voicemail.
Set up or book an appointment – Elliott tells you on the phone what you NEED to bring to the interview.

*** Important – you NEED to call as SOON as you receive a DISCONNECTION NOTICE ***
Elliott’s not able to process this one very quickly (this is something we should work on in the future for this program)

as of January 27 2016 his appointments were scheduling out 3 weeks into mid February 2016. ie. FEb 17, 2016.

Paper application is filled out or Elliott prints out the application information for the clients.
You sign WAIVER forms for you to do it with Elliott
Elliotts using a simple software program he got off the internet. It’s a “Client Management Program that allows him to create forms that are user friendly in a Digital Format.

He keeps the WET signatures (you sign with a pen – original forms with signatures on them) and keeps those forms on FILE.

These forms are AUDITED yearly. (usually commercial business audits are in July of each year.)