Christmas HOlidays December 2016 WRiting Blogging Research Youtube Videos – the idea girl says

Christmas HOlidays December 2016 WRiting Blogging Research Youtube Videos – the idea girl says

so it’s a hold on the travelling videos for now until spring unless the weather gets nice and warm and I feel like taking a trip somewhere close by…

We finished our journey in Port Rowan Ontario Canada.

So we managed to visit all the little towns along Lake Erie from Fort Erie, towards St Thomas Ontario Canada.

We plan to continue this travel video series next year, as I’m building up a tourist attraction of videos for people that go on the cycling tours along the trails that follow Lake Erie Ontario Canada from Windsor Ontario Canada all the way to Niagara on the Lake Ontario Canada by Lake Ontario Canada.

I find old fashioned restaurants that serve home style cooking and I blog about their customer service and if I like the food they serve.

I look for unique flavor and tastes. I am a picky eater and picky about my customer service that I receive. After working in the Customer Service / Sales as a Career for over 10 years (I’m retired from it now…) I have a good idea of WHAT customer service should be like…

So I blog suggestions on how to improve the tourism industry in different places within Ontario, Canada.

I had gotten a USA passport – enhanced drivers license, and it expires in 2 years. Harry’s has expired this year. We didn’t go once in the past 5 years lol because I didn’t want to have to pay for travel insurance for one or two days at $20 bucks a shot!

I wish I could find a way to make that cheaper.

Besides, now I have this aversion to wanting to travel in the USA due to Donald Trumps’ stance on CAnadians.

When he suggested they build a WALL to keep Canadians out, I wasn’t too pleased with him. I used to look up to him because of his business prowness. NOw I don’t.
Not going to get into the “political stuff” here. Although personally I love to argue about it with Harry 🙂

Trumps made life interesting, and politics (something I dont care for…) entertaining! Thanks Donald for feeding the media with all sorts of tid bits each day we enjoy discussing what you’ve been up to next… 🙂